The Art Of Learning

Do you remember going to pre school?

Did you enjoy your time there?

Is it important for fun to be had in pre school?


Learning is often associated with boredom and in fact later on in life in school children often lose focus because lessons can be quite boring (in their minds) so how do we combat that at pre school?

Well here at Tadpoles we make learning fun and creative so that your children don’t even realise they are learning but instead find themselves getting involved with messy play and creative learning that will keep them smiling and enjoying pre school from start to finish.

We believe that pre-school is the most important part of learning (we are biased) and we make sure that we give every child the best start that we can by nurturing them through their senses and enabling them to be leaders from the beginning.

Tadpoles would love to tell you more about the pre school and would even like to invite you to come for a tour of the pre school so that you can see what and how we do things for your children to give them the best start possible.

Want to know more? Why not get in touch today on 01252 871995 and speak to a friendly team member to arrange a tour so that you can see why we have been around for over 20 years.